Composite Materials R&D Center

Latvian holding company LNK Group and Russian Group of Companies Progresstech found their joint venture "Centre Composite", Ltd in 2011. 

"Centre Composite" major outcome, based on the modern world achievements in the field of heterogeneous structures mechanics and numerical analysis methods, is: to develop and implement the applied techniques for analyzing of static and dynamic behavior of structural elements made of composite materials and metal; to perform the specific computational and experimental work related to composite and metal products analysis and design; to support the design and certification documents issue.

"Centre Composite" together with the Riga Scientific Experimental Centre "Aviatest" Ltd. conducts experimental samples test to determine the physic-mechanical characteristics of laminated composite materials under static and high-force loading with the effects of temperature, humidity and time factors, and also performs computational and analytical support of industrial components and assemblies made ​​of composite materials full-scale tests carried out by customers in the regional test bases.