Full-scale aircraft testing

LNK Group benefits from having the only laboratory in the Baltics which conducts full-scale structural and service life testing of aircraft.

This unique laboratory has the staff of 40 people, among whom are PhDs, highly qualified engineers and other aviation specialists.The modern 2,000sq.meter large laboratory conducts static, dynamic and fatigue tests of plane and helicopter units, as well as of airport equipment (aviation hydraulic jacks, torque wrenches, etc.), varied construction elements and other non-standard units.

The enterprise is fully certified to efficiently operate in Latvia, the European Union and theRussian Federation. Therefore, it is licensed to test equipment exported by Russia and operating on international airlines.

There is also a large market in Europe, who profit from commissioning structural testing at this accredited Latvian laboratory.  For example, the laboratory takes part in the European research project NICETRIP. Its goal is to create a prototype of the new generation helicopter, so-called convertiplane. More than 20 european scientific-research companies and organisations including the world's largest developers helicopters - AgustaWestland and Eurocopter are participating in the programme. Aviatest laboratory performs testing of the new helicopter reductor.