Construction of dome-shaped warehouses

LNK&PIRS Group is a contractual company of LNK Group holding and the French company PIRS. The company PIRS has many years of experience unique for Europe in designing and managing the construction of dome-shaped warehouses.

Dome-shaped warehouses have an indisputable advantage over warehouses of traditional shapes as storage facilities for homogeneous loose goods, In addition, the dome-shaped form is optimal for loading/unloading when the loading mechanism of the conveyor system brings cargo to the upper part of the dome, while the unloading mechanism of the conveyor system carries it through hatches in the floor and special tunnels directly to transportation means (a vessel, a railway car, a truck, etc.).During the construction work of a dome-shaped warehouse responsibilities are delegated in the following way: the company PIRS carries out the design work, supplies some specific materials and special equipment for the dome construction, as well as exercises engineering control of the whole project.

LNK Group construction enterprises carry out all general construction works including foundations, floors as well as reinforcing and concrete casting of the dome structure.