Construction Equipment

LNK Group has a fleet of construction and auxiliary equipment at its disposal, which ensures an on-going production process and optimises the expenses.

LNK Group has its own concrete plant and more than 100 units of mobile machinery: concrete trucks, concrete pumps, mobile and stationary cranes, pile-driving machines, bulldozers, excavators, prime movers, specialised transportation platforms, etc. Many of the above machines are unique and accessible in a very limited quantity in the Baltic countries.

The high-capacity machinery stock guarantees that LNK Industries always performs works in due quality and by the set deadlines, while complying with environmental requirements and exercising due care with regard to the utilisation of resources.

All LNK Group machines are fully staffed with highly qualified operators and are capable of working in a three-shift mode.

The company’s own construction equipment fleet gives us a strong competitive edge and our customers can depend upon us to fulfil their orders in the short term and at lower expenses, whilst being assured that the contractor will keep its promises. This is why LNK Group constantly upgrades its technological capacities, as during the past five years over €5 million have been earmarked for these purposes.