In 1988, Aleksander Milov, Ph.D. Eng., founded a scientific and manufacturing enterprise Latvnauchkomplex, afterwards renamed Latvijas Novitates Komplekss (Latvian Novelty Complex).

In the subsequent five years the main nucleus of the holding companies was formed. Later, new enterprises were set up and the existing ones were perfected. From its very beginning, the main priorities for LNK Group have been production, construction and technical engineering projects as well as the strategy of a complex approach to project fulfilment.

The wide ranging experience and expertise of LNK Group employees made it possible even at the initial stage to organise the design and production of specialised testing units for R&D laboratories, to apply state-of the art automation systems and information technologies.

Simultaneously, construction (primarily bridge construction) and other engineering projects were developed.
Nowadays, LNK Group works mostly in the following areas: production and engineering, construction and real estate development.

The distinguishing features of our work ethic are the search for creative, intellectually and technologically efficient solutions for all projects we undertake and a sense of personal responsibility for the results.