Operational map

LNK Group projects locations


The Baltics

LNK Group sells the products of its enterprises and builds bridges, overpasses, marine and industrial projects as well as office and apartment buildings. Our manufacturing facilities, laboratories as well as engineering
and design centers are in Riga



In co-operation with leading European companies, LNK Group carries out projects in the EU countries. We export metal structures for construction, non-standard metal equipment, conveyor systems, as well as perform mounting construction work.




In the CIS countries LNK Group is known for its products and infrastructure projects. For instance, bridge and overpass construction projects are being carried out in Turkmenistan. We cooperate with the companies Ilim and Sveza, which are market leaders in the Russian timber industry, and we are manufacturing equipment for the processing and transportation of timber.

Another partner of ours is Suhoy Aviation Corporation (Moscow), for whom we are conducting tests of a glider, units and sample composite materials for the SuperJet 100.